Diamond Polishing Pads Set

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Wish to remove minor defects like scratches, stains, small cracks on countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, or other places? Diamond Polishing Pads Setis widely used for polishing granite and marble contoured and straight edge. The unique design allows for rapid and even removal rated with minimum effort. Featuring heavy-duty resin with high-quality diamond powder.

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Durability - These diamond polishing pads are made of diamond dust and resin powder, which is durable and long life.

Premium Quality - Diamond polishing pads use a special binder, with strong grinding power and smoothness, fast polishing speed, and no paint or scratches left on stone after polishing, good smoothness.

Compatibility - This polishing pad is ideal for rough grinding, smooth grinding, fine grinding, polishing, four stages in stone working, good polishing effect.

Wide Application Spectrum - Suitable for stone polishing, line chamfer, the arc plate and special-shaped stone processing. it can also be used for processing, repairing and renovating marble, concrete, cement floor, terrazzo, glass ceramics, artificial stone, tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles.

Easy to Adapt -The adhesive sticky disc enables polishing pad sticks on it directly, can be installed on 100 types of grinder, and can be replaced repeatedly.


  • Outer Diameter: 80mm / 3 inches
  • Polishing Discs Screw Thread: M10


1 Pc x M10 adhesive sticky discs

5 Pcs x Diamond Polishing Pads