Portable Mesh Nebulizer Inhale Humidifier for Allergic Rhinitis Asthma Spray with 3 nozzles

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This nebulizer is a mesh type nebulizer for treating the upper and lower respiratory tract.  The nebulization and inhalation of medication prescribed or recommended by a physician can prevent against diseases of the respiratory tract, treat the side effects of these disorders and accelerate healing.The device is suitable for inhalation at home. Medicines should only be inhaled when instructed by a physician. Inhalation should be performed in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Inhale slowly and deeply to enable the medicine to reach the small bronchi deep into the lungs.   Note The device has an automatic switch-off function. To prevent damage to the mesh, the device switches off automatically when the medicine/liquid has been almost entirely used up. Do not use the device if the medicine container or water tank is empty.   Specification Mains connection: 100-240V, 50-60HZ; 0.15AInput: 3V/1A;Oscillation frequency: 100kHz ± 10%Condensation rate: ≥0.25ml/min.Atomized particles: ≤5umMedication flow rate: approx. 0.4ml/min.Volume: max.10mIProduct weight: 115g±10%Size(L*W*H): 45x45x100mmPackage size:14*11*6.5cmHousing material: ABS